As founder of Creative Social, Daniele Fiandaca has hosted many events, often discussing the issues and opportunities that face the creative industry (including Gender Diversity as can be seen by the above photo of CS Florence in 2008). But it wasn’t until he found himself the only man at a dinner with 13 senior female Creative Directors that he was able to truly appreciate the reality of gender inequality and how tough it can be to be in a minority. Not only was it a situation that was completely foreign to Daniele, but he suddenly found he had less confidence to speak up and was surrounded by conversations he had no affinity with.

This led to a conversation with Emma Perkins, who was then the Creative Director at the same agency, who rather than judge him when he said something slightly misguided around the gender equality issue, simply asked him questions. Which made him think. And the more he thought, the more educated he became. 

It was this conversation which led Daniele and Emma, along with Georgia Barretta and Penny Othen, to launch the Token Man initiative in August 2014.


Token Man is supported by a number of volunteers who include the following:

Daniele Fiandaca

Co-founder, Utopia

Emma Perkins

Creative Director, LEGO


Nadya Powell

Co-founder, Utopia


Penny Othen

Strategist, Digital Mums

Pip Jamieson

Founder, The Dots


Richard Robinson

Managing Partner, Econsultancy


Sally Henderson

Founder, Sally Henderson


Vikki Ross

Copy Chief, Vikki Ross Writes