In order to help tackle the gender inequality issue in the workplace, we have developed a number of modules and partnered with a number of businesses to provide practical training to change behaviour in the workplace. 

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In this and and a half workshop, Daniele Fiandaca, one of Token Man’s co-founders will help your team to better understand the gender equality challenges that currently exist in the workplaces and how small changes can make a big difference. All participants will be challenged to become culture hackers within their organisation and come up with their own hacks to help their business become a place that promotes inclusion and diversity and provides a culture in which men and women can equally thrive.

Equally suitable for senior management and company wide (up to 120 people)


This training is particularly suitable for those making decisions about recruitment and promotion. This training is broken into three stages:

1. Exploring the business case for D&I - how could your workplace and business be better if it were more diverse and inclusive?

2. Understanding your own unconscious biases - we might not be sexist or racist but we certainly operate from a place of bias.

3 A discussion about the actions the people in the room are going to take as a result of their learnings from the workshop.